A Dog of the 29th New York Infantry

Here is a Civil War dog we have not seen before. He belongs to the 29th New York Infantry and is pictured with three identified officers as well as other soldiers. The image is a 2019 addition to the Liljenquist Family Collection of Civil War Photographs in the Library of Congress. Is that a stick lying across the dog’s midsection? Does that have any significance?

The officers are identified as Second Lieutenant George Kannig of Co. C and Co. K ; First Lieutenant Emil Schluter of Co. I, Co. K and Co. E; and Captain Charles William Chelius of Co. C and Co. E. Their positions in the photograph are: “Kannig, standing on left, Schluter, seated on left, and Chelius, seated on right.” The description states the image shows three identified soldiers and five unidentified soldiers, but we see a total of only seven men, not eight. Does someone see an eighth man?

Just as interesting as the dog is a soldier high in a tree above the group, who is pointing to something beyond the view of the camera. Is he a lookout?

We’d be eager to hear from anyone who might have information about the 29th New York and its dog.

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