Old soldiers remember Sallie

The photo looks, in many respects, like any other picture of old soldiers reuniting on the fields where they fought so many years before.  There they stand or recline on the grass around their regiment’s monument at Gettysburg.  But an empty space interrupts their line, as if left for someone missing.  It’s easy to imagine the photographer calling, Gentlemen!  Close ranks, please! and gesturing for them to move in closer.  But no, they say, heads shaking, hands pointing just behind them at the small figure of a dog lying at the base of their monument.  They must leave room for Sallie!  The year is 1910, some 47 years after the Battle of Gettysburg, but the men still remember their gallant “Soldier Sallie.”

Veterans of the 11th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry at Gettysburg with Sallie, Sept. 28, 1910.


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