Welcome Home!

Mabry illustration

Astronaut Christina Koch’s joyful reunion with her dog following her record-setting 328-day voyage on the International Space Station reminds us of the many wonderful reunion videos American soldiers have shared of their dogs celebrating their return from deployment. No doubt many Civil War soldiers also treasured such moments.

Here’s one that was recalled by John Jeremiah Mabry, a Texas cavalryman, who describes the scene as he and his brother William Walter Mabry returned home to San Saba, Texas, in April 1865:

Mabry account - Welcome home

~From “Reminiscences of the Boys in Gray, 1861-1865,” compiled by Mamie Yeary, published 1912

Mabry illustration

Modern illustration derived from the drawing “Street in Great Salt Lake City,” 1851, by James F. Queen, Library of Congress (https://www.loc.gov/item/2014645343/)


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