A sorrowful homecoming for Capt. Hostetter, 34th IL Infantry, and his dog

One morning after the Battle of Atlanta, as he led a reconnaissance party, Capt. Amos W. Hostetter of Company I, 34th Illinois Infantry, was shot and mortally wounded by Confederate sharpshooters hidden in nearby woods. “The captain was held in high esteem by everyone with whom he came in contact,” the regimental historian recalled. Among those who loved the captain was his dog.

“The stretcher-bearers were sent for and brought him back, bearing him gently on their shoulders. As he reached the head of the regiment he began speaking to the men, bidding them farewell, and so continued on down the line through all of the companies which he passed. It was a pathetic scene. . . . He died the following day and his body was sent home. It is reported that his Newfoundland dog laid down on his grave and remained until it died.”​

~History of the Thirty-fourth Regiment of Illinois Volunteer Infantry. September 7, 1861 July 12, 1865,” by Edwin Waters Paine, published 1903.”​

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